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Why Banarach Farm Manuals?

Banarach Farm Manuals provide a comprehensive system which allows farming businesses an efficient method of documenting their operations covering every aspect of daily practice and management.

This is designed as a tool in assisting you to write your own manual as it relates to your farming business. It has many uses that will be applicable to your farming business:

- A training and induction tool for employees;

-Sits perfectly alongside and supports H&S manual
- To reduce the reliance of employees on the farm owner and help them to problem solve on themselves first before involving the farm owner;
- To develop clear and documented policies and practices that allowed everyone involved to understand the standards that are expected of them;
- As an effective component of a farm risk management strategy;

- Essential tool in demonstrating your farming practices for quality and assurance progress.
- To assist in farm succession planning and continuity;
- Provides consistent information and reduces the potential for conflict as instructions are clearly stated on paper.
- As a back-up tool should anyone be unable to complete their role in the short term – the manual should help!

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